Three-Tier Layers Architecture

School Project; Software as three-tier layers architecture (user interface, business and data access).

School project where our task was to create a software that is based on the three-layers architecture.

The goal of this project was to work in teams that each team member is responsible on implementing a part of the three-layers architecture while using the right design-patterns that is inclined to us by the instructor.

Code documentation can be found here.


Team Members

Problem and Tasks

Create, present, and edit teams and their players through both a GUI and a TUI version of the program. Representation in both normal and in reverse order about two different subject concepts.


  • Visual Studio 2017
  • C# WindowsForms
  • Shell-Scripts
  • NUnit Testing Framework
  • MongoDB.Bson.2.4.4
  • Npgsql.3.2.6

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Text User Interface


Text User Interface


  • Relational Database: PostgreSQL
  • Non-Relational Database: MongoDB


Entity Type Relationship Type Model

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