Registry Editor

Windows Registry Editor(regedit) with advanced search features.

Registry Editor is a small utility that will help you finding specific registries with a specific search criteria.
All the results will be showen in one place and you can then delete the selected registries or right click on one of the results will open the official Windows regedit in the location of the selected registry. Note that when deleting registries, a backup will automatically be created on your desktop.


If you’re here, I guess you already aware that the official build in registry editor(regedit) in Windows allows you to only Find Next and searching for Keys, Values and Data.
That sometimes can be very time consuming when you look for specific registry, therefore writing a quick gui application to add all these results in one place wouldn’t take much time so I can just let it scan through with more advanced filters and do with the results whatever comes in mind, i.e deleting found results, saving, jumping directly to the official registry location etc…
I also have to give credit to my brother that asked for a simple script to scan through the registry on a specific criteria, which brought me to the idea of writing a gui application that will be much easier to maintain and extend if needed.

Another useful situation is when you install a new software and you want to look for any registers that the software installed on your machine, which can be easily tracked down by scanning the whole registry and finding their existing locations.


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