This picture was taken at my brother’s wedding in Boston.

I always enjoyed listening to and playing music. Around the age of ten, drums became my favorite instrument although playing guitar always gave me great joy. Overtime I gathered a small collection of different guitars: Guitars Collection

Around 2009, I discovered Ryan Keen’s YouTube channel which really inspired me. He plays in a unique way blending percussion with fingerstyle. I particularly find his song writing inspirational. This is one of my favorite songs of his:

I later discovered other musicians who play guitar using similar techniques such as: Newton Faulkner, Mike Dawes and Andy Macke amongst others. With practice I learned how to play guitar using this technique, but from all guitars in my collection, I wasn’t too happy with the sound generated when tapping the 12th thread. After doing some research on Ryan Keen’s guitar I found he uses Benjamin guitars. At 21, I decided I wanted to invest in a professional acoustic guitar and although I couldn’t afford a Benjamin guitar, I found Furch’s handmade guitar brand. Playing on Furch G23-SF guitar was love at first sight. It’ll be eight years this July and our relationship is still going strong :D.

I soon got into recording, working with multiple professional audio mixing software as well as video editing. Working with sound introduced me to a whole other world. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but once I got the grasp of it, I began recording, and enjoyed editing and making my own videos. Here is a video I made around 2013:

As I learned more about sound, I understood the importance of the acoustics in the room whilst recording. As funny as it sounds, I began to realize that a bed mattress is one of the best improvised home solutions for acoustic wall: Guitars Collection

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