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I grew up in a big family that loved cooking and baking. I first learned my love for cooking through helping my mom in the kitchen from a young age. Being the youngest of six, I was lucky that there was always savory food around. One of my favorite childhood memories is the delicious cinnamon baking smells the house would be infused with every weekend. I like to cook tasty simple and healthy meals which keep me from craving unhealthy snacks or eat junk-food.

My favorite cooking pans are ironcast, mainly due to their durability and versatility. They’re quite heavy and require a little upkeep, as they can quickly rust and must be coated with oil after each usuage, however they last forever if properly maintained. I use them for everything, as they distribute heat evenly. They are great for quick meals, such as throwing some chopped vegetables in the oven:

At the moment I’m enjoying exploring baking and recreating favorite childhood recipes. I always loved eating bourekas and whenever I find myself missing them, I like to bake them in different ways. Here I filled them with some feta cheese and spinach:

I also enjoy finding new recipes for sugar free baking, here is a coconut almond flour lemon cake I made:

One of my easiest and healthiest go to snacks are homemade muesli bars. They take around 15-30 minutes to make and last a week or two. They’re great to freeze for later, take to work or bring over to friends. I use honey to sweeten them which also makes the bars more compact. The most enjoyable part about making them is that you can add anything you like such as nuts, dried fruit, cocoa powder etc.. :) and they’re a healthy snack to keep on hand.

To add crispness, I like to bake them for 10-15 minutes:

At the time I also liked to get creative with coffee whenever I felt like drinking good cappuccino:

In the last two years, I haven’t drank coffee at all, because I discovered that drinking green tea is almost as effective as good coffee in order to stay alert and productive.

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